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Liebesschloss-Designer Herzschloss rot mit Kristallen von Swarovski Liebesschloss-Designer Herzschloss in rosé Liebesschloss-Designer Herzschloss in rosé Liebesschloss-Designer Herzschloss in gold auf der Hand

Love locks – as unique as your great love!

Order your love lock now! Design your perfect love lock with our exclusive design motives and fonts.

Design now!

Luxurious engraving

With our laser engraving method, the engraving is especially exquisite and fine.

Largest selection

More than 100 design motives in many categories.

High-speed shipping

We engrave within 24 hours on weekdays.

Choose your lock – design it – done!


Liebesschloss mit Kristallen von Swarovski

ab 29,90 €
Liebesschloss Herzform verziert mit Kristallen von Swarovski
und Wunschgravur

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Liebesschloss in Herzform

ab 19,90 €
Liebesschloss in der beliebten Herzform in vielen Farben
inkl. Wunschgravur

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Klassisches Liebesschloss

ab 16,90 €
Klassisches Liebesschloss in vielen schönen Farben
inkl. Wunschgravur

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Breites Liebesschloss Messing

ab 9,90 €
Breites Liebesschloss aus Messing in verschiedenen Größen
inkl. Wunschgravur

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Superior engraving quality

All of our love locks are produced to the highest quality. You can see the comparison in the image:
on the left you see the commonly used diamond engraving, on the right is our laser technique. Crystal clear quality.
This additional quality doesn’t cost you one cent more!

photo: diamant engraving like usually photo: Superior laser engraving on Lovelock Designer

Diamond engraving

  • Surface engraving not possible
  • Engraving by removing the surface
  • Filigree symbols and fonts can be imprecise in many cases

Laser engraving

  • Crystal clear motive quality
  • Smooth surface engraving possible
  • Filigree symbols and fonts possible in brilliant quality

What our customers say:

Anja and Frank

“I am absolutely delighted! The laser engraving is really beautiful!”

- Anja, 21 years old

Lisa and Oktay

“The red love lock was the perfect present for her. She was so happy to receive this small gift!”

- Oktay, 25 years old

Marijana and Patrick

“The love lock reminds us of our first date! A wonderful present!”

- Marijana, 19 years old

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