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About the love lock

Find out everything there is to know about the love lock trend!

What is a love lock?

A love lock is a fully-functional padlock with a personal engraving. Traditionally the names of you and your loved one are engraved onto the love lock, often with the date of the day on which your love story started. Modern love locks, like the ones that we offer, are often also engraved with a symbol that is special to you. A heart, doves, rings, we have a large selection. The love lock is available in many colours and shapes. After the lock has been engraved, it is hung at a special place, often while travelling.

Origin of the tradition

The probably most well-known story comes from Florence. Graduates of the local Paramedic Academy started to hang the padlocks from their lockers on the Ponte Vecchio to symbolize the end of their training. This idea also became increasingly popular for couples through its inclusion in romantic novels. However, there are a variety of stories from different parts of Europe.

The love lock is also increasingly popular as a present for men and women on different occasions.

And this is how it works

Find yourself a place that has a special meaning for your love: the town in which your love started, the first date, the most beautiful adventure. We are sure that you will find a beautiful place there for your love lock. According to tradition, the lock is hung up and locked shut. Afterwards you throw the key into the river flowing below.

Is it legal to hang up the love locks everywhere?

Whether it is legal to hang love locks on public structures such as bridges in your town, depends on the local authority. Many towns tolerate love locks on bridges and other structures, but some towns remove the locks regularly. In other towns love locks are not allowed on some structures, as the weight of the many locks can damage the building structure. Some towns or cities offer special places for love lock. Love locks are tolerated here and will not be removed.

However, we do recommend that you check with the local authority beforehand.


Love locks are small, practical and have a special meaning. There are many occasions for which a love lock would be a perfect present:

  • To confess your love:
    Typical. Young couples hang up their engraved love lock to prove their love to themselves and the world
  • As a promise:
    A love lock symbolically strengthens a promise, no matter whether it is a promise made in friendship or even a marriage vow.
  • As a talisman:
    Love locks do not always have to be hung on a bridge. You can also carry it with you, like an accessory. They are perfect as an individual good luck charm!
  • As a present:
    For children, parents, friends, and loved ones on their birthday – a personal present for all those that you love.
  • When travelling:
    Love locks are perfect to perpetuate a particular city on your trip.
  • Use it as a lock:
    In the end a love lock is always a padlock: so you can use it to lock up your personal items.

Ideas and inspirations 

Many couples use the love lock as a symbol for the durability of their love. But not only couples use this old tradition. Also the love of one‘s family, a football club or an eternal promise are often worth symbolising by a love lock. On the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne you can find unusual love lock ideas:

  • A large metal heart holds together the many love locks of the members of a club
  • Family locks: a large lock encompasses many small locks
  • Homemade locks are often large and conspicuous
  • Sometimes you can find heavily scratched love locks. Maybe somebody couldn’t keep their promise of love?


It’s a fact: there is an individual story behind every hanging love lock. You could call it a place teaming with emotions!