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Who we are and what we love

littlewonders.love – It’s the little things that make us happy

We, a couple of friends, met at our old job.  

The aspiration to come up with a unique design the pursuit of perfection, and the intention to produce great, unmistakable products has brought us together.

After purchasing a love lock ourselves and seeing that all competitors offered uninteresting designs, while still “engraving” instead of producing razor sharp results with a much higher quality, no one could stop us: we founded littlewonders.love GmbH. We were disappointed with what was being offered and wanted to offer something better.

But that wasn’t enough. In October 2018 we started liebesschloss-designer.de. Every year we will add further shops with completely original and very special gift ideas – personalised. It is not our wish to sell mainstream products in large amounts. We aim to offer very special and self-developed and self-manufactured products. Every product should be unique – just like you.

Every one of us is a team player – let us introduce ourselves


Manuel has the craziest ideas in the team. With his experience of start-ups even the smallest ideas have a large impact. He is not only in charge of project management but also his son’s dirty nappies. As a distraction, he loves to play tennis.


Timo is always in a good mood and it’s infectious! Although his main task is working as our media designer, he also looks after the product development and your package. To escape everyday stress, Timo gets on his skateboard.


Nina is a picture of calmness. When the house is metaphorically on fire, she keeps a clear head and reassures the troops. As our media designer she not only does “something with media”, she also looks after internal processes. In her free time, she likes to take pictures of miniatures or loves to care for her gang of guinea pigs.


Sonja is Manuel’s right-hand woman. She organises everything at littlewonders.love and stays on top of the chaos. At home she works for her daughter as the family manager. If she has any free time left over she dedicates her time to her horse-riding hobby.